Hello! I’m Anne. I’m typically developing (aka: “neurotypical”). In addition to being an autism consultant and coach, I’m a POET, public speaker, Montessori educator and a parenting coach. I’m planning on being a published author soon. I’m excited for life!

I have over 20 years personal experience with autism and marriage and over 40 years of personal experience with autism and close family relationships. I know a lot about this subject…..

I have three beautiful children.

And…. I KNOW A LOT about autism and divorce. I can’t give legal advice and I don’t know how the future will work out, but I do know what kind of support people need when dealing with autism and divorce and have a few ideas for success up my sleeves.

The most difficult parts of any divorce are the money and the children. Add autism, the communication incompatibilities faced by mixed-neurological couples, attorneys and some divorce laws and what you get can sometimes be a recipe for disaster.

But sometimes, divorce still must happen.

If you need support during your divorce, please use THIS FORM to request to become a client.